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Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery (ESMS) is a large and growing equine practice headquartered in Weatherford, Texas, with racetrack locations throughout the United States.  We offer a full spectrum of services including medicine, surgery, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, critical care & ICU, racetrack, reproduction, rehab, emergency, ambulatory and more.  We treat a variety of horses including performance (racing, cutting, rodeo and show), breeding animals, and companion horses.  Our caseload includes a large component of lameness, surgery (elective & emergency), ambulatory, internal medicine cases and a large racetrack caseload.   


ESMS’ flagship hospital is located in Weatherford, Texas, just thirty minutes west of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.  Known as the “Cutting Horse Capitol of the World,” Weatherford is home to one of the largest concentrations of the cutting horse population.  We are only an hour away from the Class I racetrack, Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie.  Facilities include a cutting edge critical care/intensive care unit, hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, hospital, surgery suite, exam rooms, and in-house laboratory. 


In addition to our hospitals, ESMS serves racetracks in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma throughout the year. 


Internship Program:  This program is for veterinarians who have recently graduated from veterinary school.  Interns participate in and practice new skills in anesthesia, lameness, surgery, radiology, ultrasound, emergency and critical care, and much more.  Twelve-month internship positions are available from June 1st through May 31st each year.  Applicants should submit a letter of intent, C.V., and three letters of recommendation by the November 1st deadline. 


Externship Program:   The scope of the externship is tailored towards the individual student, and externs have opportunities to assist the interns, technicians and doctors in the daily work of the practice. If the student demonstrates will, proficiency and interest, the student will be allowed to do more than just observe.  ESMS allows students to choose their area of interest, but we always encourage students to spend time in different areas in order to enhance their experience and breadth of knowledge.  The areas to rotate between are surgery, lameness, internal medicine, critical care, reproduction, ambulatory and racehorse medicine.  Living accommodations are available.  We welcome students throughout the year, and we encourage veterinary students participating in our externship program to visit us for an average of two weeks. 


To apply, please email your CV and a letter of intent to:


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